Aza Animated gifs.


Two gifs, each is a red metal bar. A light shines on the bars and moves left to right.
The top bar is 80k and 6 fps.
The bottom bar is 41k and 3 fps.
You can see the brightness shift at the looping point.

A bird, a box, and a ball (85k)

Basically, a bird flies around a box that opens and a ball is in the box.
This originally was a 20M .avi file that I did at 25 fps and a huge resolution.

Aza (167k)

Are you really bored enough to download a 167k animated gif? You better be,
because this one isn't anything to get excited over.


A white bar in darkness with two red lights that shine on it in the middle and move
outwards (two red dots move apart).These were done with a transparent background.
The color made transparent is black. Unfortunately with the object being colors fading
into black, the result is these only look good on a black background.
The top is two red dots moving apart, 21k, and 6 fps.
The middle is two red dots moving apart, 40k, and 12fps.
The bottom is two red dots moving apart with smaller blue dots doing what blue dots
do, 32k, and who knows how many fps.

Meter (28k each)

Graphic equalizer type meter.
Top has a black background.
Bottom has a transparent background.

Dice (78k each)

A pair of dice. Created for Tai-Gear Simulations at
The left has a black background and the right has a transparent background. But
I set the replacement option to none so new frames do not erase the previous frame
where the transparent color is.


Intended for a technical support site.
A spotlight moves over the letters TECHIES.

GC (30k)

Another one intended for a technical support site.
A flashing light bulb illuminates the words 'getting connected'.